“Better Than Lennon -The Music and Talent of Paul McCartney” is a detailed comparison of the musical careers and talent of
John Lennon and Paul McCartney.

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News Post: 8/28/11

After returning home from attending the second of two outstanding Paul McCartney concerts at Wrigley Field in Chicago, I thought about all of the songs done by Paul that I had seen in the 26 times of attending his concerts. While trying to remember all of them, I started thinking about what songs I had not heard from him and would like to hear before he stops touring (God forbid!). Therefore, I have made up a starter list of songs that I would like to hear from Paul in the future. I have heard that he might be coming back to the U.S. this fall, so here are my song suggestions; maybe call it the “Bring Them Back, Bring Them Out” tour. (read more)...


NOW AVAILABLE - “Paul McCartney’s Solo Music Career-1970-2010-Life, Love, and a Sense of Child-Like Wonder.”

Following the recent “Better Than Lennon-The Music and Talent of Paul McCartney,” this new book examines in great detail the solo rock music career of McCartney. The songs are examined in great detail, from the inspirations to the performers to the reviews. Commentary about the songs is provided via numerous sources, including Paul himself and the author’s personal opinion. (read more)


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Song of the Month  
During the research for my new book, “Paul McCartney’s Solo Music Career-Life, Love & a Sense of Child-like Wonder,” I re-listened to a number of Paul’s songs to aid in my opinions regarding numerous individual songs. One of those I have continued to play is “No Words” from the “Band on the Run” album from 1973..... (read more)
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